Welcome to the home of dedicated Malvern Hills District walkers, who enjoy everything to do with walking over, around, and across the Malvern Hills and surrounding countryside and bordering Counties; occasionally spending time in other areas of the UK and Europe. Please take time to explore these pages to see just what benefits members receive through association with this very active and vital club. You may decide it is just the thing for you, in which case you will be very welcome to come along on one of  our walks and try us out. See the Walks Program page for more

The Society has, over the years, accumulated some 60 favourite walks; each one being adopted by a member who ‘looks after’ the walk, using it regularly to ensure it remains open. The full list can be seen here.- Adopted Walks

Perhaps you would like to try one of our adopted walks first as a taster. We have published a mid-length one here for those unsure of their capabilities. Access it here

If you are someone who enjoys a challenge and finds fulfilment in completing long walks, we can, from time to time, offer you the very thing to satisfy your need. The Society will often walk long distance trails.To find out more click on Long Distance Paths

To see articles of interest, breaking news or last minute notices see our Other News page.

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