January 2021 – Update on Coronavirus and the Society

Welcome to any newcomers to our website!


Unfortunately  due to the latest COVID restrictions the Society has had to cancel all its organised walking until further notice including its recent ‘pop-up’ walks which had been very successfully keeping a few members walking during the earlier COVID restrictions.


Members are reminded that they can only walk with their own household or with one other person and such walking should be local. The term 'local' seems to be being interpreted by some people very widely and sometimes controversially. We suggest you should only walk from your own home and only drive to a walk if you do not live near open countryside. We also suggest that you should try to avoid walking very popular areas, eg from the Hills car parks etc.


Although the Society walking has been curtailed, the Society's Rights of Way work has continued apace, where practical, within the COVID restrictions. Thus we reviewed nearly 200 planning applications in 2020, objected to several diversion orders and are actively pestering Network Rail about a local footpath that has been illegally closed for more than 30 years and WCC about another footpath that has been obstructed for more than 12 years.


All Society social activities and committee meetings have obviously ceased. However we do encourage you to periodically telephone Society members you know well, especially members who live on their own. A few words can be very uplifting!


If you are uncertain about whether any walks are going ahead, see updates on the walks programme page or phone the walk organiser directly